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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Protestant Christian? Lent? Something about ashes ...

Should a Protestant Christian observe Ash Wednesday?

Being raised as a Christian, yes I know the normal answer should be, "What is a Southern Baptist?"  However, I wasn't raised as a denomination.  "But Jamey," you ask, "Don't you attend a Baptist Church?"  Yes, and I have at the same church for my whole life; give-or-take about three years at Mega-Church off of the Highway.  I still was raised to be a follower of Christ first and foremost  So, when a good friend, who happened to be Orthodox (enter name of denomination) would ask me to attend services with him/her, I would.  And I loved the services.  They were beautiful and called to remembrance the things I should focus my heart, mind, and life.

What is ash Wednesday?  Is that like 'follow Friday' on Twitter?  uh ... no.  Ash Wednesday, along with Lent, is observed by our Catholic friends, orthodox denominations, and dare I say it - a few protestant denominations.  I like to have the bottom line just like the next guy so to keep this one short ... nowhere does the Bible command us or condemns us to its practice.  Christians are at license to decide whether to observe or not to observe, prayerfully.  If you so choose to observe Ash Wednesday or even Lent, I think the most important understanding to have is a biblical one.  Repentance is, for a Christian, a good thing to be in habit when it comes to sinful activities.  Let's face it, it really is something Christians should do everyday and not just between said dates.  The activity should be ongoing and, for me, involve something more than a brief showing of giving up something that is of no real sacrifice.  Most people choose to make a huge sacrifice during Lent and give up something that ... wait for it ... calls to remembrance our relationship with God through his Son Jesus.  For the most part, I see people observing Lent because they know that God is interested in their hearts.  For some however, it is a bit assuming that God will automatically bless us simply because we observe a ritual.

Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter Sunday where we then have to explain why coloring eggs is important and also why a bunny rabbit is bringing us those eggs - thank you Roman Catholic Church.

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Jamie said...

I like this so much. Lent has always been a time for focus and I do well with some accountability so it's perfect timing. Plus, this season is so precious in remembering a huge sacrifice I didn't deserve and could never repay.

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