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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post about Romans 7:19, 24

I found this today, a bit behind the curve as it was published last year.  I'm including it here in my blog for me really so I will not lose the information.   Give it a read - great article.

The Sin You Can't Quit
Examining our misconceptions about habitual sin—and how to truly break it.

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James Parker said...

From Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary for Isaiah 28:5-15
"For our instruction in the things of God, it is needful that the same precept and the same line should be often repeated to us, that we may the better understand them. God, by his word, calls us to what is really for our advantage; the service of God is the only true rest for those weary of the service of sin, and there is no refreshment but under the easy yoke of the Lord Jesus."